The Intellectual Property, Technologies & Media Department assists & advises companies and market leaders in the digital economy with the design, implementation and enhancement of innovative technology projects.

We have developed expertise in the negotiation and the implantation of major IT projects, on the customer or supplier side, including outsourcing, integration project, cloud projects – XaaS, subcontracting, both in France and abroad.

We also dedicate an important part of our activity to data protection law (GDPR, Personal Data Protection, e-privacy, open data…).  

A significant part of our activity is dedicated to litigation (failed IT projects, counterfeiting, damage to reputation and goodwill, database extraction, evidence collection, unfair competition, etc.) before civil and commercial courts.

We assist our clients in all areas of their digital activities: 

Value Creation

Availability searches – Trademarks registration – Copyright on Software – Audit of IP portfolios (trademarks, patents, software, etc.) – Copyright on Database – Open Data exploitation – Patentability of inventions –Filing patent application –Assignment contracts on employees’ inventions –Second-hand software license Purchase Agreements– Business and Technical Partnerships Agreements – Software Agreements (assignment, license, co-ownership)


Calls for tenders (client / provider) – Contractual structuring for complex IT projects (subcontracting, co-contracting, JV) – IT Procurement Contracts (General Condition of Purchase, Listing Agreements, Consortiums, Global Indicative Estimation, Contracts for the supply of complex deliverables) – Distribution Agreements – Clients / Supplier contracts – Terms of Use for marketplaces – Contractual Packages for website (Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy) – Model contracts – RGPD / Data protection impact assessment 


GDPR compliance assistance- Outsourced DPO – Privacy impact assessment – GDPR compliance of suppliers / subcontractors – ANSSI procedures: Crypto / Dual-use goods – Digital advertising (Sapin Law) – Marketplaces – Promotional offers regulations – LCEN (Law for Trust in the Digital Economy) obligations for platforms – Consumer law – E-commerce Law – Contract law Reform – Open Source compliance / Free software


Subcontracting Agreement – Cloud Computing Agreement (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) – Software License Agreement – Software Maintenance Agreement – Software Integration Agreement – Website development Agreement – Technical Partnership Agreement – Business Partnership Agreement – Agreement for the development of mobile apps- Hosting Agreement – Mainframe Agreement


Trademark counterfeiting – Seizure-counterfeiting – Unfair Competition – Cybersquatting – Software License audit – Judicial expertise – Software counterfeiting – Copyright infringement – Source code escrow – Seizure of APP source code – Patent counterfeiting – Delisting of harmful content – E-reputation – Website counterfeiting – Looting of Database – Crisis Management – Disputes relating to failed IT projects – Amicable Settlement of disputes- CNIL litigation

Contact partners : Jean-Baptiste Belin Alexandre Tessonneau