A specialist in competition law and European law, Daniel Fasquelle is Senior Counsel at Squadra Avocats and leads the Competition and Distribution Law and European Affairs department.


Daniel Fasquelle is married and has three children. He is an associate professor of the French law faculties. He wrote a thesis on private law at the Panthéon-Assas University, focusing specifically on European and American competition law, a thesis which was published and has subsequently received multiple awards. He is an Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Université du Littoral-Côte-d’Opale. A very active Member of Parliament, he was, for 10 years, Vice-Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. For several years, he was also the editor of the Dictionary of the Common Market and is regularly present in Brussels. His knowledge of both the law and the institutions makes him the natural advisor for many companies in the fields of competition law, distribution law and all subjects of European business law.

Areas of Practice: dual expertise

Daniel’s expertise lies in competition law, distribution law, consumer law, European law, in both French and European public affairs.


  • Associate professor in the Law Faculties (private law and criminal sciences) 
  • Doctorate in Law (Thesis in Comparative Law in Competition Law)
  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, DEA in European law, DEA in criminal law (Paris II)
  • Holder of the CAPA (Paris 1991)
  • Holder of a certificate in terminology and Anglo-American legal translation (Institute of Comparative Law, Paris)

Academic Activities

Daniel Fasquelle regularly organises and participates in conferences on European business law, comparative law and competition law.

  • He is a renowned author and a regular contributor to the journal Concurrences since its creation in 2004, in particular for all subjects concerning distribution and digital law.
  • He is a recognised specialist in European law on companies in difficulty and has numerous publications in this field.
  • Daniel Fasquelle also managed the Common Market Dictionary (GLN Editions) for several years, which later became the Joly communautaire. He is currently working on a re-edition of Les Grands Arrêt du droit européen des affaires at Dalloz with Marc Blanquet.
  • His work on comparative law should also be noted. He most notably organised a conference with the association Henri Capitant in 2009 on “Le droit souple” published by Dalloz Editions.
  • For several years, he headed the LARJ (Laboratoire de Recherche Juridique).
  • He is a member of the board of directors of the AFEC (Association Française d’Etude de la Concurrence).

Latest publications and work (In French)

“The EU Commission publishes a draft on a legislative package promoting a single market for digital services”
Councurrences, January 2021

“Enjeux et perspectives d’une régulation européenne des Big Tech”
Concurrences, October 2020

“Concurrence et numérique, Faut-il revoir les règles ?”
Conference organised by the revue Concurrences et the National Assembly, 7th October 2019 (Introductory report published in the journal Concurrences 1-2020)

 “Le rôle des autorités de concurrence se restreint-il aux seules sanctions ?”
Round table organised by the journal Concurrences, 17th September 2019

“Pratiques commerciales déloyales et grande distribution : la nouvelle directive européenne peut-elle changer les comportements ?”
Concurrences, 4-2019 

“Le droit de la concurrence à la croisée des chemins face à l’émergence du numérique”
Contrats, Concurrence, Consommation, n° 7, p. 30, July 2019 

“L’heure de la maturité pour le droit européen de l’insolvabilité ?” 
Lecture at the CNAJMJ conference of 20th March 2019 in Paris on the new insolvency directive, Revue des Procédures collectives civiles et commerciales, n°3, p. 61, May-June 2019  

“La réécriture du titre IV du livre IV du Code de commerce : beaucoup de bruit pour rien ?”
Lecture at the Nanterre conference, “La réécriture du titre IV du Livre IV du Code de commerce”, 4th April 2019, Concurrences 3-2019.  

“Le droit de la concurrence face au défi de l’économie numérique”
Talk at the Boulogne-sur-Mer conference on 25th January 2019, “Concurrence et économie numérique”, Cahiers du droit de l’entreprise, n° 3, p. 20, May-June 2019 

“Puissance d’achat et rapprochement des centrales d’achat : quel contrôle à l’avenir ?”
Round table organised by the journal Concurrences,21st February 2019 

“Le droit européen de l’insolvabilité franchit une nouvelle et importante étape”
Europe, Focus, p. 5, February 2018

Other activities – Parliamentary and local responsibilities

Daniel Fasquelle was re-elected mayor of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage on 6thJuly 2020, a role which he had already held from 9thMarch 2008 to 19thJuly 2017. He is the first vice-president of the mayors of Pas-de-Calais and will soon join the local finance committee on a national level, at the request of François Baroin. 

He sat as a member of parliament from June 2007 to August 2020, elected and then re-elected twice. Within the National Assembly, he was vice-chairman of the economic affairs committee for 10 years. Present and active, he was ranked 5th/577 in the ranking of deputies according to the Regards Citoyens/Capital ranking which measures the legislative activity of the XIVth legislature.

Member of Parliament, he has authored many reports, including a report “on the relations between major contractors and subcontractors in the industrial sectors” with Denis Sommer in June 2019 and a report entitled “Digital structuring platforms: strengthening competition law, creating a regulatory law” with Valéria Faure-Muntian, presented in May 2020.

Daniel Fasquelle has also been very active at the National Assembly during the examination of texts that directly concern businesses, in particular the EGALIM law and the PACTE law. In his various functions, he follows the BREXIT dossier very closely. 

Member of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, then of the Republicans in 2015, Daniel Fasquelle was chosen in December 2014 by Nicolas Sarkozy to be the national treasurer of the Republicans. In just a few years, he has reduced the debt from €74.5 million to €13 million and has legally secured the party. 

President of the autism study group until August 2020, a group he founded in the National Assembly in 2011, Daniel Fasquelle has always been involved in his various functions to ensure that disabled children, particularly autistic and down syndrome children, are better taken into account. 


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  • English