Commercial Litigation

We advise and represent both French and foreign companies in their complex disputes and work alongside our clients through every step of the proceedings: from the pre-litigation stage, where we determine the best strategy to ensure our clients’ ultimate success, to the post-litigation stage, where we ensure the enforcement of the measures and awards decided by the court.

The determination and strategic dexterity of the partners in Squadra Avocats’ Business Litigation/Industrial Risks & Insurance team have received recognition by several French and international rankings.

Along with the recognition that we have received in devising and implementing aggressive litigation strategies, at Squadra Avocats we offer our clients our well-established expertise in mediation.

Our main areas of expertise

We represent the interests of our clients in the following areas:

  • Pre-trial evidence gathering.
  • Business disputes:
    • We cover a broad spectrum of litigation including corporate and post-acquisition disputes, IT projects, banking & finance litigation, liability of directors & officers, unfair competition, trade secrets infringement, industrial espionage, etc.
    • Domestic and international arbitration.
  • Amicable dispute resolution.
  • Protective measures (freezing of assets pending the outcome of a dispute) and enforcement procedures (seizure of movable and immovable assets, bank accounts, etc.).

Recent noteworthy cases:

  • Representing an IT group in gathering evidence of the misappropriation of trade secrets and acts of unlawful competition.
  • Representing a chemical company in defending an indemnity claim brought against it following a worldwide product recall.
  • Representing the various companies of a construction and public works group in the context of abusive dismissal actions brought by a former director.
  • Representing a cyber security company in an IT dispute (two-year court-mandated expert assessment and action on the merits).
  • Representing luxury goods companies in a dispute over the abrupt termination of established commercial relations.
  • Representing several investment funds in AMF litigation relating to compliance with reporting obligations during takeover bids.
  • Representing a Brazilian company in a price-fixing dispute relating to salicylic acid following the sale of a business department.
  • Representing a portfolio manager in their litigation against investors.
  • Representing an company in its dispute against an automotive equipment supplier for serious patent violation and for breach of the data requirements applicable to listed companies (action on the merits and parallel mediation).
  • Representing a software editor in a class-action suit based on an alleged GDPR violation.
  • Representing a public group in a post-acquisition dispute relating to the implementation of liability guarantees against two investment funds (action on the merits and parallel mediation).
  • Representing a real estate company in a dispute against an IT service provider.
  • Representing a chemical company in a dispute arising from a long-term industrial partnership (action on the merits and parallel mediation).
  • Representing the buyer of a pharmaceutical group in ICC international arbitration and in parallel commercial claims for fraud (fraude paulienne) and fraudulent distribution of assets.
  • Representing an Armament industrialist in ad hoc international arbitration.
  • Representing an oil company in an appeal against the revocation of several foreign arbitral decisions.

Litigation / Industrial Risks & Insurance

Our Litigation / Industrial Risks & Insurance division advises businesses and insurance companies in the management of their disputes at all pre-litigation and litigation stages.

Our goal is to define and implement, for our clients, be they policyholders or insurers, a legal strategy adapted to their stakes, constraints and specific needs.

Our main areas of expertise

We represent the interests of our clients before the civil and commercial courts in the following disputes:

Liability litigation

  • Civil product liability.
  • Liability resulting from operations of the business.
  • Liability for defective products.

Disputes concerning :

  • the construction of industrial plants and equipment;
  • the construction, preparation, and operation of commercial premises;
  • commercial and industrial buildings, shopping centres, and boutiques.

Monitoring Court-appointed expert proceedings

Experiences by sector


  • Defending a packaging manufacturer against a claim following the contamination of food products.
  • Defending a manufacturer of a siphoid rainwater-drainage system to determine the causes and origin of the collapse of the roof of a commercial building during a cyclone.
  • Advising a food-processing company following a land collapse on a spring water bottling site.
  • Advising a car manufacturer in the context of a court-mandated expert appraisal to determine the causes and origin of a fire at an airport.

Mass distribution

  • Advising a major retailer in the context of a court-mandated expert appraisal in connection with faulty networks and air conditioning at its head office.

Real estate development

  • Advising a real estate developer in the context of a court-mandated expert appraisal arising from a failure to comply with the geo-technician’s instructions for the construction of embankments.

Insurance company

  • Advising an insurer following the implementation of a warranty exclusion clause disputed by a technical design office.
  • Advising an insurer in an action against a transportation company following the theft of items of jewellery during the robbery of a van.

Technical design department

  • Defending a technical design office against a complaint about the issuance of certifications.