About Squadra Avocats: the “intuitu personae” story

Founded in 2004, Squadra houses a highly specialised and experienced team of lawyers and university professors, praised for its dedication, receptivity, and work of the highest calibre. At Squadra, we act on behalf of both domestic and foreign companies, and top management officers from a diverse range of industries and non-profit organisations. Within public practice, we advise and represent municipal and regional local governments as well as public corporate bodies, including, inter alia, public procurement advice and litigation.

The flexibility of a tailored approach

In meeting the unique needs of each of our clients, as well as the challenges brought by the constant evolution and increasing complexity of the legal sphere, the adaptability of our team of experienced business lawyers (all members of the Paris Bar) allows us to offer tailored services and to answer quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs.

More than a law firm: a real business partner

We pride ourselves on providing each client with a personal touch alongside our quality service, at both partner and associate level. We make ourselves available to our clients, taking the time to discuss their legal and material needs, with the goal of forming enduring partnerships founded on mutual trust and understanding.

Our expertise

Our firm is active across all areas of the diverse field of corporate law, through our strong relationship with the world of business. We also hold a privileged position as an intermediary in cases involving public bodies (the State, local authorities, etc.). The culture of interdisciplinary collaboration that we foster at Squadra allows us to take full advantage of this duality of expertise, to the particular benefit of those cases which require a joint “public-private” approach.

Priotitising the protection of our clients’ rights and interests

Clients’ rights and interests are our first priority. Every case entrusted to us by our clients is supported by a mutually-signed agreement which clearly details the different aspects of the client-firm relationship. We inform our clients of our fee policy upfront and they receive detailed invoices on a monthly basis.