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DEAL – We are delighted to share the news of recent investment into KaryonFood.

Squadra Avocats (François Lan, Camille Mirabel-Chambaud) has supported KaryonFood in negotiating and securing seed funding of €1.3 million. KaryonFood has created software to facilitate the exchange of data between food-processing companies (small, mid, and large cap) and distributors (large retailers or companies in the food service industry). Congratulations to Claire Guillet, founder of KaryonFood, on […]

Squadra Avocats (Camille Mirabel-Chambaud) has assisted TEREOS in brokering a major partnership with FUTERRO

Tereos and Futerro have paired up to develop, in Normandy, a circular and sustainable bio-industrial platform, committed to green chemistry. The aim is to extract dextrose from sustainably-produced French wheat, before then transforming it, in the same geographical region, into bio-sourced, industrially compostable, and recyclable plastic. It’s in the industrial-port area of Port-Jérôme-Sur-Seine (76) that […]